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Dementia Care

At Rightwave, our distinctive dementia care services prioritize an individual’s needs and personality rather than just addressing the disease.

Conditions like Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia bring about alterations in memory, thinking, and behavior that impact daily life. Given that the disease manifests uniquely in each individual, it becomes crucial to seek the appropriate dementia assistance for a diagnosed loved one.

Our empathetic caregivers at Rightwave possess expertise in caring for adults with Alzheimer’s and various dementia types. Each caregiver undergoes training to adeptly monitor and address symptoms, adapting the level and nature of dementia care services as needed.

Our Indivisual Dementia Care

Our individualized dementia care services are crafted to center on the client, prioritizing their uniqueness over the condition. Our shared objective aligns with yours – we aspire to empower your loved one to lead a purposeful life.

Recognizing the significance of establishing a familiar and stable environment for someone living with dementia, we collaborate with your loved one to compile a booklet. This booklet delves into their personal history, preferences, dislikes, and more. Our aim is to understand what brings them joy, frustration, and anxiety, as well as the activities they relish. We seek to grasp the essence of your loved one beyond their identity as a person with dementia.

We comprehend the challenges posed by the behavioral changes associated with dementia, which can be overwhelming and even frightening for families. You desire the assurance that your loved one feels safe and secure, receiving the same level of affectionate care you would provide. Our dementia care services are designed to alleviate the burdens and fears often experienced by families.

In our approach to dementia care, we recognize the integral role of the family. We invite you to actively participate in selecting the right caregiver match for your loved one and encourage ongoing feedback to ensure the continued well-being of your family member.

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